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Why Orthodontics?

Why Orthodontics?

For you… improve your orthodontics knowledge and skills with the biggest curriculum ever

For your practice… a way to advance yourself and your practice for a better treatment for your patients

For our specialty… commitment to a leading provider for continuing education for GPs

Orthodontics education not only allows you to differentiate yourself and your practice, it helps as you become active in the specialty and sets an example for others. 

Your patients trust you. They trust you to have up-to-date training and skills and be able to address all aspects of their dental health.

As we all know, patient loyalty is key to growing a strong practice. Adding orthodontic skills allows you to better serve your patients and build that loyalty.

It is a common myth that orthodontics can only be done by an orthodontic specialist. It's just not true.

With the high quality of training from the American Orthodontic Society, a properly trained general or pediatric dentist can - and should - add orthodontics to their practice


  • Add revenue from a patient base that already trusts you, their family dentist

  • Enhance your diagnostic skills

  • Open up additional referral channels

  • Keep your practice current with the latest innovations

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